Plan Your Visit to Earth Sanctuary

Come explore one of the newest and most lovingly created eco-sites in the world!

At Earth Sanctuary, nature is the top priority. Reclaim your spirit in its beautiful forests and reflective ponds. Experience megalithic sacred sites and eco-art, walk the labyrinth, amplify your prayers at the Native American medicine wheel. Experience an authentic Buddhist stupa. Enjoy the abundance of birds while walking the nature reserve’s two miles of paths.

Earth Sanctuary is open to visitors every day of the year during daylight hours. There is a fee of $7 per person to visit Earth Sanctuary. Payment can be made with cash, check or PayPal. No dogs, please.

Directions & Map

To Pay at Earth Sanctuary:

There is a box on the bulletin board by the parking area with registration envelopes. Put your $7/person fee in one of the envelopes provided and place it in the slot at the top of the metal payment box beside the bulletin Board. Payment can be made with cash, check or PayPal.

Get an Annual Pass to Earth Sanctuary!

If you are interested in making repeat visits to Earth Sanctuary, you might want to purchase an annual pass. The cost is $35 for one year; FYI, you pay with a check. Click here for an annual pass application form that can be printed out, filled in, and mailed to Earth Sanctuary’s Administrative Office.

Annual Pass Application

To Prepay for your visit to Earth Sanctuary:

There is a fee of $7/person to visit Earth Sanctuary. Click the button below to pay with debit or credit card, or PayPal, and enter the number of visitors you would like to pay for. When you have made your payment, you will receive a receipt via email from PayPal. Print out the receipt, and when you visit Earth Sanctuary, put it on the dashboard of your car. Thank you for paying in advance!!

Day Pass

Tour Options

Self-Guided Naturalist Tour
Self-Guided Sacred Space Tour
Self-Guided Sculptures Tour

Enjoy a tour with Earth Sanctuary’s founder Chuck Pettis

Sacred Space & Naturalist Tour

Encounter the abundant plant and bird life of Earth Sanctuary. Learn about the value of wetlands, the major tree species, forest succession, and what birds live and breed on the ponds. Bring your binoculars to view the birds on the Newman Ponds, designated a “habitat of importance” by the Audubon Society. Get an overview of the Earth Sanctuary property and trails, as well as the sacred sites of the Labyrinth, Dolmen, and Cottonwood Stone Circle.

Cost for 90 minute tour: $40 for the tour plus $7/person entry fees. For example, a tour with 5 people would be $40 plus $35 ($7 x 5 people) for a total of $75.

Cost for two hour tour: $50 for the tour, plus $7/person entry fees.

Custom tours can be arranged, based on you and your group’s interests.

Join Chuck for a Calm Abiding Meditation Tour of Earth Sanctuary

Chuck has been teaching meditation since 1970 and teaches Calm Abiding Meditation at Sakya Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism. Join Chuck on a meditation tour of the sacred spaces of Earth Sanctuary. As we visit each sacred space, Chuck will teach and lead you or a group of up to 8 people in a variety of calm abiding meditation practices. This is like a smorgasbord of meditation practices! Each meditation lasts 60-seconds – short and sweet! You will leave Earth Sanctuary very relaxed, calm and peaceful.

Cost for 90 minute tour: $40 for the tour plus $7/person entry fees. For example, a tour with 5 people would be $40 plus $35 ($7 x 5 people) for a total of $75.

Cost for two hour tour: $50 for the tour, plus $7/person entry fees.

Pay for your guided tour by check or cash at the time of the tour.

For the best experience, impact, and understanding of Earth Sanctuary’s sacred spaces and this contribution to Earth Energy, it is highly advised to take a guided tour by founder Chuck Pettis.

To say that a day or even an hour at Earth Sanctuary is inspiring is not saying enough. My last visit included a tour for some fellow entrepreneurs by ES founder Chuck Pettis, and we had the opportunity to walk his talk: We meditated in the Dolmen, we walked the labyrinth, some of us participated in sacred time in the Native American medicine wheel, we felt the power of a precisely placed and built stone circle, and we all spun the prayer wheels as much as we could. After our visit, we drove to our various homes and offices recharged, renewed, and ready to be involved in our personal work in the world. We were so overwhelmed with the wonder of how one man could put his dreams into such sacred use, that we all want to be missionaries, if there is such a thing, for this place.
-Rev. Elke Macartney

Earth Sanctuary is a remarkable place with sacred spaces in settings of natural beauty. Our group of healthcare professionals, all experienced meditators, was guided by Chuck Pettis. Chuck combined commentary on the development of the nature preserve and sacred spaces with a series of brief meditations in each space. These spaces have a palpable power that was enhanced by the group meditations, leaving us with a sense of both awe and serenity. It was a remarkable afternoon for all of us.
-John Russell

To make reservations for a tour or to ask questions, please call Chuck Pettis at (360) 331-6667, or email him at

Thank you Grandmother Earth, Grandfather Sky and the Great Spirit. This land honors you.

Thank you for this blessing of tranquility in abundance.

Thank you for the magnificent gift to the planet which you have provided.

What a gift!

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Sacred work is being done today!

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Love this place!

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This place is so beautiful.

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Keep up the beautiful & healing work.

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Thank you for this beautiful Sanctuary!

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Wonderful place!

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Extremely beautiful place. I leave with a quieter mind than when I arrived.

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Amazing! A treasure to be able to introduce our children to spirit in this great setting!

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I admire your dedication to the earth. Blessings always.

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Very peaceful and restful.

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So lovely.

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Thanks for doing this!

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Thank you for this peaceful experience.

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The Fine Print:

Wheelchair and Scooter Access. The 5536 Emil Road entrance has an ADA-compliant parking space and sidewalk to the stupa, enabling the disabled to easily access the site and enjoy the Earth Sanctuary landscape. Starting from the 2059 Newman Road entrance, wheelchairs have been able to go to the dolmen, labyrinth, the Cottonwood Stone Circle, and on the Wetland Trail. Their access is dependent on the type of wheelchair, and the ability of the rider or helper to go up and down small hills on a fairly narrow trail. An outdoor mobility scooter should be able to go to the dolmen, the labyrinth, the Cottonwood Stone Circle and the Wetland Trail. Less powerful scooters designed primarily for flat or paved surfaces will not be able to travel the Wetland Trail.

No Dogs, Please. We like our canine friends, but they can disturb the wildlife, flora and fauna in Earth Sanctuary’s fragile environment.