Earth Sanctuary Retreat Center

Comments from Retreat Center Guests

“I’ve been to a number of personal retreats and this one’s a keeper. The house is a very supportive meditation environment. The trails are very friendly, well-kept, and clearly signed. The diverse and interactive Buddhist, Native American, and artistic offerings make the hikes unique. I’ll be back!” -Joey Huynh

Silence and solitude are respected.

Paths are very conducive for walking meditation.

Appreciated the dedicated meditation space that honors spiritual work!

The retreat was wonderful and very satisfying.

The grounds of Earth Sanctuary are amazing and full of delight.

Beauty and sacred space exceeded expectations.

So much gratitude to you for your vision and commitment of resources to create this place and to welcome visitors.

Celia’s orientation was outstanding! Her warm and generous spirit really helped to set the tone for a wonderful retreat here.

Energy here is sacred. It affects ability to meditate and pray, to engage in practices difficult to focus on in the fray of life.

Very comfortable bed.

The grounds are amazing. Nice touch having the eagle fly in at dusk.

The vision that permeates every aspect of the experience is an inspiration.

I really appreciate all of the efforts to sanctify this area, inside and out.

Very affordable!

“My stay has been calming. All is wonderful here: beautiful, claming, peaceful, elegant, nurturing, inspiriting, relaxing, intuitive, reflective, spiritual. Thank you for the opportunity to come and connect with earth and self. Interconnection. All life honored.” -Semilla

“My stay here has been marvelous. The Center itself is very well equipped with most things people will likely forget. It’s not often that I have found a place that feels so good, and have been able to stay there, undisturbed.” -Andrew

“The surrounding woods and trails with so much to see: mushrooms, huge trees, singing birds, salmonberry flowers, other wild flowers, streams – a beautiful place. Thank you!!” – Mrs. Lynn Rideout

“This is a place to get connected to Self and your Higher Power – a connection between all things, myself and the planet. What a wonderful journey I am choosing to experience.”

“The Sanctuary provides the perfect atmosphere for meditation, reflection and healing. Sitting in the Heartstone area, I experienced deep “kensho” or realization that rare but welcomed in Zen practice.” -Kakuzen

“I liked the sense of peace and protection that’s here.”

“I like the peace and tranquility- it is lovely and we love coming here! A great Center!”

“It’s January, the changing of the year, a time for death and the promise of rebirth. Among the brown leaves and wilted fern fronds, there are hints of new life to come. I found it inside myself too. Thank you.” -M.E.

“After hours of trying ‘too hard’ in my centering prayer, hours of waiting to hear the still, small voice of God, hours of sitting, piecing together scraps of discernment that may or may not be at my heart, I was moved to tears one twilight when I came upon the Fen Stone Circle. The tiny cairn with its offerings in the center opened me. ‘I want to belong,’ I said aloud and fell to my knees, ‘I want to belong.'”

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