Earth Sanctuary - Whidbey Island Nature Reserve, Meditation Parkland, & Sculpture Garden
Earth Sanctuary - A Nature Reserve and Retreat Center on South Whidbey Island, near Seattle Washington

Photo copyright Peter Raulerson
Chuck Pettis, founder of Earth Sanctuary.

ES Dolmen
The Earth Sanctuary team works together for maximum biodiversity.

Cottonwood Stone Circle
Many volunteers have given their time and energy to make Earth Sanctuary an extra special place.


by Dorotha Carl

Inspired by a visit to Earth Sanctuary in 2002 on the Summer Solstice.

The Fen Stone Circle
Meditating on the rose quartz cairn.
The defined pink edges soften to a shimmer
And I sit, too, with a dance of light.
Leaves and trees vibrate, a sea of luminesense.
Rose quartz speaks unconditional love
And the realm of Universal Compassion
Opening to the worlds of all sentient beings.
This is a welcoming space...Expansion
Staying with the sensations of body,
A caterpillar plays his tune on my leg.
Some say all sentient beings may gather here in the circle.
A reaching out sensation. Compassion to all. Kwan Yin.

The question the stone circle whispers today:
How may my life open to the compassion for all things?

This is a place for the pathways of Heart, unconditional Love and Compassion.

The Labyrinth
''Walking the spiritual path with feet on the ground"...
Mind in the feet. Mindfulness of step and impression.
Curves evolve to a whole new direction-just like life.
Places of light and places of shadow-just like life.
Each moment and step unique to the texture of journey.
Smooth and rough, a crack-just like life.
The path ends at center to begin again.
Outstretched arms embrace and circulate the chi of movement
And life itself.
All things begin with 'first step,' repeat and return
The Wheels of lifetimes.
"Let purpose guide the little wills of men,
The purpose which the Masters know and serve."

The question which the labyrinth whispers today:
What is the unique expression and purpose of my life?
Do the steps I take and directions I choose, fulfill the gifts I may offer?

This is a place for the pathways of right living, Eightfold path, Karma Yoga, Vipassana.

The Dolmen
Celebration of the Yin.
Body sensations of weight, slow, heavy, solid
A vessel for form,
A vessel for emptiness.
A place of paradox.
A condenser of Energy: Earth and Cosmic,
Collapsing in on itself. Black hole.
The Void. The ultimate experience?
Form is emptiness. Emptiness is Form.

The question which the dolmen whispers today:
How does my earthly, female body embrace the macrocosm within the microcosm?

This is a place for the pathways of the Void...perhaps a place as vessel for Buddhamind itself.
It is fitting that the summer solstice ends here.