Earth Sanctuary - Whidbey Island Nature Reserve, Meditation Parkland, & Sculpture Garden
Earth Sanctuary - A Nature Reserve and Retreat Center on South Whidbey Island, near Seattle Washington

Photo copyright Peter Raulerson
Chuck Pettis, founder of Earth Sanctuary.

ES Dolmen
The Earth Sanctuary team works together for maximum biodiversity.

Cottonwood Stone Circle
Many volunteers have given their time and energy to make Earth Sanctuary an extra special place.

Megalithic Stone Monuments Being Built On Whidbey Island

Island Meditation Parkland features Stonehenge-like Monuments

(SEATTLE, Washington) Eco-design visionary, author, and monument-builder Chuck Pettis is raising huge stones in Seattle's backyard. Pettis, author of Secrets of Sacred Space, is now building megalithic (Greek for "great stone") environmental artworks on the south end of Whidbey Island, near Freeland, WA. The building project is inspired by the mysterious structures of Neolithic Europe, first built over 6,000 years ago.

Pettis' megalithic environmental art project is part of a 500-year master plan for Earth Sanctuary, a 72-acre unique wildlife refuge that is a also a place for personal renewal and spiritual growth. The philosophical approach of the project is that art, sacred sites, and ecological restoration are energetically connected and integral parts of a larger whole.A dolmen, a huge table-shaped stone structure topped with a large horizontal cap stone, is the next megalithic artwork to be constructed by Pettis. It will be installed this Friday, March 8th and will be built of 20 tons of Montana sandstone. To Mr. Pettis' knowledge this dolmen, based on ancient prototypes, is the first to be constructed in the United States in modern times.

Already completed is a labyrinth located on a peninsula extending into one of Earth Sanctuary's ponds. Made of stone and hedge, the labyrinth is available for walking meditation. Its design is drawn from the most ancient of labyrinth patterns, thought to date from around 2500 B.C. Also recently built is a stone circle (measuring 16 feet in diameter) made of 8 standing stones up to 7 feet high. The stones range in weight from 600 to 1,000 pounds each, and come from a quarry in upstate New York.

In the future, Mr. Pettis has plans to build a larger stone circle, which will have 11 standing stones 10-15 feet high, in a circle 40 feet in diameter. It will be surrounded by a ring of Cottonwood trees that, as the trees reach mature size, hopefully will serve as a future heron rookery. Another environmental artwork planned is a Stonehenge-like line of stones with a lintel, designed to indicate equinoxes and solstices.

Pettis is building each of these stone environmental artworks with the goal of creating places energetically charged for meditation and prayer. He drew on his personal expertise to design the environmental artworks--beginning with his ability to dowse and detect "ley lines," areas of invisible earth energy that can alter and uplift human consciousness. According to Pettis "when built over ley-line power centers, contemporary sacred spaces immediately have the same level of power experienced as most ancient monuments. With meditation, ceremony, and other spiritual practices, new sacred spaces can have more power than ancient monuments."

To amplify the power present in his structures, Pettis is burying hundreds of pounds of minerals and crystals under the environmental artworks. Selected for their energetic attributes, these transmitter crystals are "programmed" with prayer and intentions to support and augment Earth Sanctuary's sacred spaces.